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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What are they thinking?

For the life of me I can't see why the Cubs are trying to turn Angel Guzman into a closer. I understand Ryan Dempster needs to be relieved of his duty as closer, but this solution is one of the worst I have seen. Please someone buy the Cubs and fire everyone from top-down. Angel Guzman is a guy that has a history of arm problems and has been struggling to get past the 6th inning due to fatigue. So what role do the Cubs decide to put him in? Well closer of course, why not, since a closer has to pitch 2 sometimes 3 days in a row. And Angel has definitely shown in his career that he can pitch with the greatest of endurance (notice the sarcasm). Just another move by an organization that has no clue. Let me also say I have nothing wrong with Sean Marshall coming up and starting, but I just think it is for the wrong reasons. Hopefully he can come up and do well, but I don't think it will help much as the Cubs sometimes are just too lifeless out in the field.


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