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Monday, July 09, 2007

Cubs Update: What is needed in 2nd half

Well since the last time I wrote, the Cubs trade for Jacque Jones fell through. I don't know the exact reason, but I assume it has to do with money. I have read many rumors on why it fell apart, but they are all so different I don't know which one to believe. All I know is he is still a Cub.
The Cubs had been on a roll until they went to Pittsburgh and lost 2 of 3, but they have managed to creep back into the division race and are currently 4.5 games out of 1st.

What should the team do to get into first after break?

1) First thing they need to due is replace Cesar Izturis. I'd say bring up Ronnie Cedeno who is tearing up AAA, but with Theriot and Fontenot up, that would just be repetitive and not too helpful. To replace him they need to go out and trade for a utility guy that has some consistent pop and won't need to play everyday (unless they go out and acquire a FT Shortstop). By the way, let me say I am very glad the Cubs didn't listen to me earlier this year and say sign Julio Lugo, man has he been awful in Boston.

2) They need to either play Pie everyday and let him take his lumps or they need to send him down to the minors and bring up another bat to come off the bench. The way the Cubs are using Felix is helping no one and only going to hurt the Cubs in the long run. Maybe bring up Matt Murton (though he hasn't been showing much in AAA) or go out and trade for CF/RF who can help out, as Angel Pagan is getting too much PT for a contending team.

3) Improve hitting at catching. I don't care if this means calling up Jake Fox or Geovany Soto, but neither Koyie Hill or Rob Bowen are getting the job done at the plate, though Hill has been good defensively and the Cubs are winning with him calling the pitches. I know they say Henry Blanco is coming back soon, but he wasn't a good hitter before and I don't really think he will be much of a hitter when he comes back.

4) Get a reliable lefty reliever. Scott Erye and Will Ohman are not consistent enough or good enough to help the Cubs. I joke around that Ohman's name is perfect because when the Cub fans see him come in they say," Oh man," as the runs cross the plate.

5) What is up with needing 12 pitchers? The Cubs keep saying they need 12 pitchers. Why? I don't get it. Maybe they are thinking that Marquis shouldn't have been given the contract he was given as he isn't eating up many innings, but still no reason to go to 12 pitchers. When that happens, you need to make some changes to the front 11 pitchers as a 12 pitcher is overkill.

6) Stop walking people. The Cubs keep walking too many people, especially the first guy a relief pitcher faces out of the pen. Do the Cubs need to put a guy up to bat in the pen when the pitcher is warming up to get him more ready? I don't get it.

7) Luck. No one wins anything without a little bit of luck and the Cubs will be no exception.


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