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Friday, June 01, 2007


I have said it before and will say it again, when are the Cub's going to learn to play fundamental baseball? I am watching this game and Theriot missed a pop-up in inning one that should have been recorded an error, but was a hit. Then later in same inning, why the heck is Barrett calling for an 0-2 fastball to Andrew Jones, when that is what he got the first 2 pitches? Result an rbi hit. Then later DeRosa should be covering the middle of he IF with Harris on 1st and Renteria batting, he is not what happens, he misses an easy ground ball if here were in the place he was suppose to be in. Then in this inning DeRosa is about to catch a pop-up and Matt Murton calls him off and drops it, resulting in another run. These things are what have been killing the Cubs for years and are not changing anytime soon. I was just teasing with my dog-walker Mike, that the Cubs should cut everyone in the organization, including the vendors and start from scratch. All I can say it couldn't be any worse than it has been for the last 99 years.

Well as I continue to watch this debacle of a game the Cubs have made 2 more fundamental mistakes costing them 2 runs. Jacque Jones committed one, by 2-hopping the ball to the cut-off man and Barrett on the pb, recovered and threw the ball into left field which allowed Thorman to score.


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