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Friday, July 27, 2007

Cubs win 2 of 3: Also make some moves.

The Cubs did a good job in St. Louis winning 2 of the 3 games. The first 2 games the Cubs did everything right, but in game three it was just one of those games you forget about and go and play the next evening. The next series is verse the Cincinnati Reds and the Cubs should win 2 of three in this series. The Reds have been very disappointing this year and with the way the Cubs have been playing since mid-June things are looking good for that result.

The Cubs called up Matt Murton and Rocky Cherry today and sent down Jake Fox and Billy Petrick. This move helps the Cubs bench out and brings them a very reliable righty bat to come off the bench and start in RF when Floyd needs time off and in LF if Soriano should need a day off. Billy fate was sealed after that debacle of an appearance last night in St. Louis and Rocky gives the Cubs that unnecessary reliever that they want.

There aren't many days until the trade deadline, but the Cubs so far have stood pat after getting Jason Kendall. I think if the Cubs are going to want to be series post seaosn contenders they need to go out and get a veteran bat for off the bench. These young guys have all done well, but when it comes time in the playoffs, will they be able to do it with the spotlight on?


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