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Thursday, August 02, 2007

First place Cubs

Wow, in late May, who would have thought the Cubs would be tied for first place this time of season? I for one was not a believer, but little by little the Cubs have started making me believe they can win the division. Ok, I understand it is a pretty weak division this year, but that is not the Cubs fault. This team has a lot of guys doing the little things to win games and for the most part the pitching has been pretty good, minus a few here or there (Marquis, Erye and a lot of times Ohman). The Cubs will be sending down Rocky Cherry (I assume) on Friday and bringing back Kerry Wood. This can only help the team as I said before, and I will also state again I don't think Kerry Wood will be a great pitcher, but if he can be adequate then I think just his presence will help give the Cubs a boost in the clubhouse. He is a well liked guy (from what I have read) in the clubhouse and that extra boost might be what the Cubs need to get past the Brewers and stave off the Cardinals late run (assuming they have one).
I don't like the fact the Cubs didn't go get another bat to PH for them with Daryle Ward out and the bench full of young guys. I understand it has been working so far, but I think in September and October (if the Cubs can get there) the experience of a veteran will prove more beneficial than having either Pagan, Cedeno or Fontenot coming off the bench.


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