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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cubs get closer

Well this morning I got lucky enough to get 1 ticket for g1 of the playoffs this year and when that happened I had a feeling the Cubs would do well today. Why you ask? Just figured it was good luck and it was. Not only did the Cubs win today, but the Brewers lost making the magic number 4 now. Currently the Cubs are playing real good baseball and hopefully like they can carry it over into the playoffs like the White Sox of 05. The White Sox went through a slump in August and September only to wake up at the end of September and win the WS. Now I don't know if this will also happen for the Cubs, but one can wish. I know all season I have been on the negative train, but now time to turn positive. I know they are not in it yet, but the odds are looking good and I think they have enough talent to win the division with the lead they have now. Before anyone yells at me for jinxing them, I said I think, not that they are, so I will deny any jinxing.
I just wanted to give props to Ronny Cedeno and Matt Murton today for a great job at the plate in helping the Cubs win and also to Mr. Zambrano, who pitched 6 great innings today to get the win. Carlos set the tone for the Cubs today striking out the first 4 guys he faced today, this showed the crowd and the team that the good Zambrano was on the mound today. The problem was for the first 4 innings Tom Gorzelanny was almost as good (which verse Cubs he always is good), but then in the 5th the Cubs finally started to hit Gorzelanny.
Tomorrow the Cubs get their final day off of the season and then go to Florida to face the Marlins for 3 games and then to Cincinnati for their final 3. If the Cubs finish 3-3 on this road trip, then if the Brewers lose at least 1 game, they win division, but that is not the attitude they need to go into it with. What they should be thinking is win the first 4 games so that rookies can pitch the next 2 games and then the rotation can be set for the playoffs. Though if the Brewers keep losing them maybe the playoff starting pitchers might be able to get a couple more days off.


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