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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Cubs acquire Trachsel

Yesterday the Cubs acquired Steve Trachsel from the Orioles for Rocky Cherry and Scott Moore. I don't know why the Cubs gave up so much for the slowest pitcher in baseball. Remind me when he pitches to get a book out so I can read a page in between pitches. Scott Moore doesn't play defense too well, but he could have been an effective guy off the bench to play the corners that bats lefty. I am sure the Cubs could have just given them Rocky Cherry for Steve and the Orioles would have been fine, especially the way their bullpen has performed lately.
My other thoughts on getting Trachsel are these. First I think it was smart by Hendry to get another starting pitcher, especially a righty, because Sean Marshall has been getting some bad matchups and not performed as well in the 2nd half. I am also not saying that the Cubs dump Marshall, but a playoff run is no time for him to gain his experience. Secondly as I stated earlier, it is good that he is righty as having 3 lefties in the rotation was hurting the team. Thirdly in August Steve was pretty good at not letting runs cross the plate, yes he gave up a bunch of hits, but who cares if they don't score.
Why don't the Cubs play Matt Murton? Craig Monroe hasn't been to good this year and yes I was glad to get him, but for coming off the bench. Murton whose OPS in August was .920 in August in 72+ plate appearances. Since when is that not good enough to start? Sometimes I wonder about the decisions Lou is making. Like yesterday when he left Cliff Floyd in to pinch hit against the lefty Trevor Miller, any reason he didn't put in a righty?


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