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Saturday, August 11, 2007

You're Welcome Mr. Hendry (2nd half needs revisited)

I wrote this article around the all star break and pointed out the Cubs needed to do 7 things.

1) Get rid of Izturis and bring up Cedeno. Done, your'e welcome Mr. Hendry.
2) Play Pie everyday or send him down, let Murton come up and start. Well Pie was down, but is back up due to injuries, but I don't think he will be up long again. Murton has come up and is hitting the cover off the ball, see what happens when he gets a consistent job. Again, you're welcome Mr. Hendry.
3) Improve in catching. Traded for Jason Kendall, who is no superstar, but is a huge improvement over Rob Bowen. Mr. Hendry you think should leave me a comment thanking me.
4) Get a reliable lefty. Well they sent down Oh-MAN and that is addition by subtraction. While I thought about getting a reliever, Mr. Hendry solved the problem by just getting rid of one. Well Mr. Hendry I owe you a thank you, Thank you.
5) 12 pitchers. Still with 12 pitchers, but that is fine as long as one of them is not Oh-MAN, though I think the Cubs would be better off with another bat and Sean Gallagher in the minors. Mr. Hendry you can still correct this.
6) Stop Walking people. Well this one still is up in the air as I haven't looked it up yet, but I think they aren't doing any better from watching the games. Come on Mr. Rothschild.
7) Luck. Well the Cubs were getting some luck going their way until some injuries. Come on Lady Luck, us Cub fans need you.

Looks like the Cubs have been following a lot of what I said and they have gained 4 games in 31 days on the 1st place Brewers and remain only .5 out of first. At this pace the Cubs should win the division by 5 games and if that happens. You're welcome Mr. Hendry.


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