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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Cubs Update

Sorry for the lack up updates since daughter's birthday, but unfortunately for me I caught the flu and this is the first day I have been well.
The Cubs started slumping as soon as I said congrats and I was starting to get convinced that they were getting good, but the good news is so were the Brewers. Now the Cubs hit Colorado and have started winning again and hopefully can keep it going. Though it will be tougher with the losing Soriano for up to 6 weeks (but gives Murton a shot to prove he belongs in lineup) and Ramirez wrist hurting.
Something that irked me today from the Chicago Tribune. Did anyone see the picture of Jacque Jones getting caught in rundown in paper? Why would they put that in the paper when A) the Cubs won, B)many other pictures to put, C) Jacque went 4-5 at the plate. Over the last couple of weeks Jacque Jones has been hitting the ball pretty well and getting on base, so why put a picture of him failing at something? I didn't and still don't like that signing, but the Tribune can't be putting pictures like that up when he is doing so well. Maybe they just want to remind us fans the otherside of Jacque Jones.
I have seen the Cubs put in a waiver request for Scott Posednik of the White Sox, well first the Sox won't be dumping him to the Cubs. Secondly this is only a good idea if you plan to use him off the bench, Scott is not a starter and I think over the last year and a half has proven that he isn't a too good as a starter. If the Cubs could get him for a mid-level prospect and plan for him to come off bench instead of rookie Eric Patterson then this is definitely an upgrade for the season (as Eric needs more time in minors) and then when Ward comes off DL, they can also send Pie back down to get more PA's in.


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