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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Have to love Power

The title of this article is due to the fact I had no power for a few days and my parents didn't have power even a few more days than I went without. Now that the power is restored and my life is back in order I am online to write about the beloved Cubbies.

The Cubs are still in first place after struggling in Arizona only because the Brewers and Cardinals also struggled in there respective series. This upcoming series is VERY important to the Cubs because it is verse the 2nd place Brewers. If the Cubs don't come out and play hard and consider this a playoff series, they might as well just pack it in for the season. With Soriano coming back tonight the team is getting the boost it should need for the final 5 weeks of season to hold off the other teams. The Cubs need to win 2 of 3 if not get a sweep here, I know I said this before (Cinci series) and they failed, but they really need to now.

Since my last post the Cubs also acquired Craig Monroe from the Tigers for the infamous PTBNL. I know C-MO has not been any good verse righties this season, but this is still a decent pickup for the Cubs. As for the moment his bat is more valuable off the bench than Jake Fox. Now when will the Cubs figure out what to do with Felix Pie. It is too late to send him back to Iowa as he has sat the whole month of August, but if they don't start playing him soon, they are not only going to hurt his future development, but most likely bring down his trade value as other teams will wonder what his flaw is for not being in lineup of Jones (who has been EXCELLENT in August).

After this 3 game series the Cubs then face the Astros who just fired their GM and manager. Going 4-2 in those 6 games would do a lot in getting breathing room from at least one of the 2 teams on the Cubs butt and also bring some confidence back to the team. The one good thing about the Astros series is that it is in Chicago and not Houston (where for some reason during my lifetime, the Cubs have had a hard time winning there).


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