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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Close Call

Well I was sitting on the couch last night watching the game with my wife when she noticed that THE Dumpster was in and said,"Why did they put Dumpster in, they are going to lose." At this time it was 5-1. I was also on the phone with my father at the same time and he gave up the homer he said he we go, and I jokingly said, at this pace he will give up 2 homers and get 3 outs so we are ok. Wow I was almost right. Thankfully Howry only gave up a couple of singles before getting So Taguchi to pop out and the Cubs held on to win 5-3. Why does Lou insist on putting Dumpster out there as a closer. I know he has a bunch of saves, but lately he has been giving up a bunch of runs or a ton of base runners while luckily not letting one in. We as fans don't need this and the Cubs as a team don't. I suggest letting Dumpster and Bob Howry switch roles from here to the end of the season. See how it goes, maybe Dumpster can turn himself back into Dempster.

Today is a double header as I was wrong in previous post saying this was a three game series. In the first game it is Braden Looper verse Ted Lilly and I think the Cubs should win this game. I also like the fact that Geovany Soto is starting at catcher in this game. I Publish Postwas hoping to see Matt Murton out in RF, but Daryle Ward is starting there instead. Daryle has been key over the last few days, so he deserves to start today. Also I see that Mark DeRosa is starting this game at 3b giving Aramis Ramirez a little time to rest for the night cap game. With Ramirez being banged up a little bit this year, I have to agree with this not because I think it would affect Ramirez in tonights game, but in a week or so it might have an effect on his body. In the game tonight Sean Marshall makes his first start after being sent to the pen when Cubs acquired Steve Trachsel. I think Sean is going to have a fantastic game tonight because he should have a small chip on his shoulder and want to prove that he should never have been removed from the rotation in the first place. At least that is what I hope happens.
I know everyone usually says a split is a good thing to get out of a doubleheader on the road, but if the Cubs can win both here not only does that essentially knock the Cardinals out of the race, but puts even more pressure on the Brewers to win, which I don't think they have handled well.


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