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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Close one

Wow, I really thought the Reds were going to win last night in that 8th inning. What a dumb call by the Reds 3rd base coach to send the runner home when he hadn't even gotten to third base when Alfonso had fielded the ball and was throwing it home. That was a beautiful throw by Soriano and great technique by Geovany Soto at the plate to make sure the ball did not come out. Then in the bottom of the inning my boy Matt Murton got a base hit, wait let's scratch that, got a fielder's choice 7-4, to get the go ahead and winning run home. That was a crazy play because Adam Dunn who usually has ZERO defensive skills made a nice attempt on the ball (and was close to catching it if not catching it) and it forced Derek Lee to hold up at first base for a while and was forced out at second. Even Ryan Theriot held up and tagged up just in case (head up base running) to make sure there were no questions about anything. While this was going on, the Astros gave up a 4-2 lead in the 9th to the Brewers and I was thinking jeez, but the Astros pulled it out in extra innings and the Cubs remain 1 game ahead of the Brewers. Tonight the Cubs have an off night while the Brewers play the Braves (go BRAVES). From here to the end of the year, the Cubs have 9 games left (Sept. 21-23 vs. Pittsburgh; Sept. 25-27 at Florida; Sept. 28-30 at Cincinnati)and the Brewers 11 (Sept. 20-23 at Atlanta; Sept. 24-26 vs. St. Louis; Sept. 27-30 vs. San Diego). The Cubs advantage is that they are playing teams with a combined record of 200-256 while the Brewers competition is 234-220. The advantage the Brewers have is 7 of their 11 games remaining are at home, while only 3 of the Cubs 9 games remaining are at home.

This should be a great race to the end and I am hoping it doesn't end up like 1998 when we had to play a playoff game to determine winner of division, though the last time that happened Steve Trachsel was the Cubs starter and they won, maybe he can do it again for them if needed.


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