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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Good Bye Trachsel and Floyd

The Cubs declined both the options for Cliff Floyd and Steve Trachsel which will end their tenures as Cubs as I doubt that the Cubs try to re-sign either of them. Neither did too much for the Cubs, Floyd (who I said wouldn't do much) did not amount to the management's expectations this year and didn't do much in the playoffs either. Trachsel who was a cheap acquisition didn't do a thing for the Cubs and didn't even make the playoff roster so losing him is no suprise.

The Cubs did exercised the option of Daryle Ward though for 1.2 million dollars. This was a good idea as he did a respectable job off the bench and that is their expectation of him next year too, so for 1.2 million, it is not a bad gamble as he usually is a decent hitter off bench.


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