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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Cubs make a trade

Cubs traded Will Ohman and Omar Infante to the Braves today for minor league pitcher Jose Ascanio. While Bobby Cox tried to talk up Ascanio, I think it was more of a move to rid themselves of 3.5 million (which I would say good move, but after raising ticket prices 16% not like they don't have the money). Infante leaving probably means that the Cubs are happy with the progress that Ronny Cedeno has shown over last few months. I like Cedeno, but he still has to prove that he can hit major league pitching consistently and off the bench. Ohman didn't figure in the Cubs plans especially after being left off the playoff roster last season, the change of scenery might be good for him also.
The Cubs have been very quiet this off-season in improving their team and need to get the ball rolling soon. If they think they can just sit back with the same type of team as last year they are very mistaken. Also I have no idea why I keep hearing Nate Mclouth rumors. He sucks and I don't care if he is lefty, he doesn't get on enough. I understand not wanting to have a bunch of righties in the lineup, but if they can hit righties and lefties, does it really make a difference?


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