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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Sign Wood, get lucky on Matsui.

The Cubs signed Kerry Wood earlier this week to a 1 year deal worth about 4.25 million with him being able to get a bunch more in incentives. I think that this is a good deal and he should be better as a closer than Dumpster was last season. This also mean that Dumpster and Marquis are both suppose to be in the rotation and that doesn't bring me much faith in success. I am hoping that the Cubs can trade one of them for anything, a low end prospect would do. This also would open up a spot in the rotation for the Cubs to use one of their young guys or get a decent veteran.
Kazuo Matsui decided that he wanted to go to Houston instead of Chicago and that is a good thing for the Cubs. I have never been a fan of Kazuo Matsui and he his offensive numbers for last year really aren't that great especially if you consider that he played in Colorado last year. I think what the Cubs have within their organization is just as good and much cheaper.


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