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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Cubs acquire Pierre

The Cubs acquired Pierre today who will be an upgrade over Corey Patterson, but I don't think it will be worth the price we paid. Hendry is reaching trying to save his behind, now that he lost the Furcal sweepstakes and thought he needed to make a splash. He might have been right on making a splash, but this was not the way to make it. I know in the past I said I wanted Pierre on the team and I haven't changed my mind, but not at this price. I think giving up Mitre and Pinto should have been enough, but then we included Ricky Nolasco also. I am not saying Nolasco will turn out to be a great pitcher, but I think we traded way too much for a 1 year replacement in CF if the Cubs think Pie is going to be ready in 2007.

The only reason I can see trading these guys is if Hendry needed to clear a few spots on the 40 man roster for another trade today or another FA signing. I am just assuming this and have no information to lead me to believe this is true or false, just trying to rationalize Hendry's moves.

I was hoping and still am the Cubs can package something together and still come up with Kevin Mench or even Austin Kearns in RF, but with this trade it looks like the Cubs have used a lot of their pitching prospects, which both the Reds and Rangers need.


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