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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Cubs sign Jacque Jones

The Cubs have signed Jacque Jones to a 3 year deal worth 16 million dollars. Well now the Cubs have a RF. The problem they have a worse RF then they had last season in Burnitz and have him for 3 years. Hendry should be fired for this stupid signing. Was this done because he lost out on trading for Milton Bradley? He couldn't deal for Kevin Mench?

Jones has k'ed 100 times in 5 of 6 seasons, batted .249/.319/.438 with 120 k's last season while barely batting .200 vs. lefties. In 2002 Jacque showed tremendous potential with 27 hrs and a line of .300/.341/.511 and the future looked bright. In 2003 his numbers declined to 16 hrs and a line of .304/.334/.464, and then in 2004 he hit 24 hrs, but had an awful line of .254/.315/.427. This season Jones k’ed 100 times in 5 of 6 seasons, batted .249/.319/.438 with 120 k's and barely batting .200 vs. lefties. The numbers for 2005 where almost identical to Burnitz (whose numbers were actually better). Wouldn't it been better planning to just sign Burnitz to a 1 year deal again? Now instead of 1 year of mediocrity in RF, the Cubs will have 3.

I guess this now evens out the releasing of Jose Macias, though now if I had a choice I would take Macias back if it would eliminate this awful contract.


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