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Monday, January 09, 2006

Patterson traded

Well ESPN is reporting that the Cubs have traded Corey Patterson to the Baltimore Orioles for 2 minor league players, shortstop Nate Spears and left-hander Carlos Perez. Neither of them are in the top 10 prospects for the Orioles and I really don't think that either of them will eventually become useful players. I understand that Patterson was awful last year and at the end was just going through the motions, but dumping him for nothing in my opinion is an awful thing to do. I understand that him coming off the bench might not have been the most ideal thing for him, but I think he would be more useful than lets say Grissom or Hairston off the bench. Maybe this will give Michael Restovich a chance to make the team, whom I think has the skill to be useful of the bench, though he hasn't proven much lately.


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