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Monday, December 10, 2007


Mr. Hendry if you are reading, I will say you are welcome right now for this great idea. Why not trade for Erik Bedard?

The Cubs shouldn't just ask for Bedard, but ask for Brian Roberts and Ramon Hernandez added to the trade. This would cost the Cubs a lot, but the Orioles are rebuilding and the Cubs should help them do that. Start by offering Felix Pie, Sean Marshall, Sean Gallagher, Tyler Colvin, Geovany Soto and Tony Thomas. This would give the Orioles a bunch of prospects while helping the Cubs distance themselves from the rest of the division. First off it finally gives them a true lead-off batter, who as a bonus is a switch hitter. That lets the Cubs could move Soriano down in the order to either 4th or 5th. Bedard gets inserted into the rotation as their #2 starter behind Zambrano and puts Lilly as third starter giving him better pitching matchups. The team could then insert either Marquis or Dumpster as the 4th starter if they don't want 3 lefties in a row and then put Rich Hill as the 5th starter. While losing Soto hurts, Ramon Hernandez gives the Cubs an average dependable starter. They then could probably acquire Estrada cheap to give them a decent duo.
Then the Cubs need to offer Kosuke Fukudome a more enticing deal then the Padres. If he is half as good as people are saying, then including him in the Cubs lineup and putting DeRosa in either RF if Fukudome goes to Center or in the Super-Utility role only makes the team that much tougher. If Fukudome goes to right field the Cubs will need a CF and don't have many in their system if they make trade above. They would have to find one as a FA, Cameron (though he will be suspended to start year) and Corey Patterson are the cheap solutions, but if they really want to get serious about winning WS with their 16% increase across board on ticket prices, then sign Aaron Rowand. I know he is asking for a ton of money, but heck the Cubs are about to make a ton more money this year, and if I am correct, they made a ton of money last year. This then would make the Cubs a solid team all around with the only weakness as Kerry Wood's unproven closer role and needing another lefty out of pen. Getting that lefty will be easy, they should just trade Matt Murton since they seem not to want to use him, he would probably bring in a pretty decent lefty.


  • Soriano is our lead-off guy. Just like Fukudome is our RFer, its what was in the contract. You and the rest of the "cub fans" who pay no attention to detail should finally understand that Soriano will lead-off this year, next year, every year he is in a Cub uniform.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:07 PM  

  • If you paid attention to details you would have noticed when I posted this Fukudome wasn't under contract, so it didn't say anything about him being a RF'er. And I also know that Soriano will be the leadoff hitter, but just because he is doesn't mean that I am not entitled to say he shouldn't be. It is not the optimal spot for him to bat for the Cubs to maximize their run production.

    By Blogger Greg Abcarian, at 2:29 PM  

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