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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Cubs trade Pagan

The Cubs traded OF Angel Pagan back to the team they acquired him from, the New York Mets. In return they received 2 prospects, OF Corey Coles and Ryan Meyers.
Two seasons ago Corey Coles was rated the best strike discipline in the minors for the Mets and hit pretty well .341/.407/.421, the only problem most of his hits that year were singles. In 07 his numbers weren't as good. One good thing is he can always fall back on pitching as he was a pitcher before he was in professional baseball.
Ryan Meyers there isn't much on, but from what it looks like there isn't much of a ceiling on him. He looks to have good control of his pitches, but after that his stats weren't very impressive.
The only reason I can figure the Cubs made this deal was to clear a spot on the 40 man roster as neither of these guys look to see the light of day in a Cubs uniform. This also puts more faith/pressure in Felix Pie to succeed in CF as Angel Pagan was currently the best option as backup CF.


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