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Friday, January 18, 2008

Too much pitching?

Since my last post the Cubs have signed 3 more pitchers. Usually I wouldn't complain about signing pitchers especially if it meant that Dumpster and Marquis would be gone, but that is not the case. First this week the Cubs signed Chad Fox to a minor league deal. Everyone might remember him when he was a Cub in 2005 and Dusty Baker put him on the mound in a game he most likely shouldn't have been in and blew out his arm. At the age of 37, I don't expect much from him, but maybe the Cubs felt they owed him one. Next they signed Jon Lieber to a 1 year 3.5 million dollar deal with incentives that could earn him 4 million more. This isn't a bad signing if it points to the departure of Dumpster or Marquis or even both, but it doesn't look that way at moment. This also means there is no way Sean Marshall or Sean Gallagher will pitch in MLB unless a bunch of injuries. Lastly they signed Shingo Takatsu to a minor league contract. Why? He was awful his last year in MLB and then went back to Japan for 2 years. In his first year back he put up decent numbers, but last season he was awful. What makes the Cubs think that he will all of a sudden get his ability back at the age of 39. Though as I write this I suspect they signed him so he can make Fukudome feel more comfortable in training camp, if that is the case, good job Cubs, just don't keep him on MLB roster.


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