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Friday, January 26, 2007

Will be back shortly

Sorry for not writing, I am doing this from a computer not at home. My main laptop died again and I am waiting for Dell to fix it. I will write about Floyd and Samardzjia when I get back online.


I know I said I would write when computer fixed, but I just saw this, Glendon Rusch has been released. First before anything I want to say I hope he is doing well and doesn't have any bad long-term effects from the clot. Now let me say, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to say this is a good thing for all Cub fans as Glendon was never the pitcher he was advertised when he came into MLB and besides those 3 good months in Chicago a couple years ago, he was pretty much a disaster here.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Cubs sign Tomas Perez

The Cubs signed utility player Tomas Perez to a minor league contract. I can’t figure out why Hendry would waste any money on this player because if he makes the team, then the Cubs might as well pack it in and I really don’t see why Iowa needs a 33 year old utility guy who doesn’t do much of anything. He can’t hit and doesn’t have blazing speed and every year his OPS gets worse (starting in 2000).784, .711, .699, .672, .566, .510. Maybe Hendry was getting the shakes for a Macias or Perez fix and Ronny Cedeno just wasn’t doing it.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bert Blyleven

Well once again Bert did not get inducted into the Hall of Fame and he actually received less 17 votes this year than last. Hopefully next year without Tony Gwynn or Cal Ripken Jr. in the voting, that Bert can pick up some steam and maybe get the recognition he deserves.

On a side note former Cub (though wasn't too good when he was here), Goose Gossage looks like he should garner enough votes next year to make the Hall of Fame. He went from 336 to 388 in votes and only needs to get 21 more votes to get in. Andre Dawson lost 8 votes from 317 to 309, but with next year's weaker induction class he also may receive a big increase in votes.

Good luck to all 3 as they are all deserving in my book.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New-Year

I am still around, just that baseball and Cubs news has been very slow lately. Also has given me time to play with my daughter and my 2 dogs. I will be writing again about the Cubs very shortly, but for now just wanted people to know that I am still around.

So happy New Year and here is a picture of my daughter with the 2 dogs.

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