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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Angel Guzman

According to the Cubs are going to let Angel Guzman have 2 starts down in AAA Iowa and if he does well might bring him back up to replace Wade Miller. This would be a very smart move as Wade Miller hasn't shown much this year and I don't think it is due to a lack of trying. Unfortunately injuries haven't been kind to Miller and I don't think he can be an effective starter anymore. Angel on the other hand I think can be a very helpful addition to the rotation.

Also yesterday Felix Pie played in his first major league game and looked pretty good. He had an RBI double and threw a man out at the plate. I think if he can keep it up it would be wise to keep him in CF when Soriano is healthy and put Jones on the bench and Soriano out in LF so he doesn't have to run as much and hopefully doesn't re-injure his hammy.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I was out of town this weekend in Dayton, Ohio for a baseball draft (I know a little late) and missed watching all 3 games. I did see the first 4 innings on Friday before leaving and listening to Zambrano meltdown on the mound. As much as I like Carlos, he needs to see a shrink or get his head on straight some other way. He gets too emotional and when things go bad for him he tries to reach for that something extra and if the first guy he does that to gets on it is over for him. I know Lou probably didn't want that sound bite from after that game to be replayed over and over, but it was the truth and maybe the Cubs will start to listen. The next game which they won was on draft day and the only game on at the house I was at was the Indians vs. White Sox game, so I payed more attention to the draft. I then heard the 3rd game on the Reds radio station on the way home (which was some very good listening I might add), but that ended up being a wasted effort by Lilly since the offense decided not to show up at all.
So why the UGH?
Well last night as I was bowling for a buddies team, I see on the screen above me, the team's major signing looking injured. Alfonso Soriano is suppose to get an MRI today to see the extent of his left hamstring injury, but according to Soriano expects to miss at least 5 days, which isn't good when a player is saying that. I expect to get more grim news today and hear that he is out for about at least 3-4 weeks with more than a minor strain (hopefully I am wrong). If that is the case, I fully expect to see Felix Pie up in the majors in the next few days.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Prior leaves game early

Well this isn't the news the Cubs or the fans wanted to hear, but today Mark Prior left his extended spring training start after only 2 innings with shoulder discomfort. Prior is scheduled to go see Dr. Yocum later to check on his shoulder. I am positive it will reveal he needs some type of surgery thus probably putting the end to his career as a Cub. I don't want to blame Baker, but in 2003 he did ride him and Wood for all they had and they haven't been the same since. With this injury and Wade Miller not looking sharp, I am wondering if the Cubs will send Miller to the pen for long relief and let Angel Guzman become the starting pitcher. If they are going to do that I would bring up a pitcher and send down Guzman for 2 starts to stretch out his arm. I think they have a better chance to win with Guzman as a starter then they do with Miller.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cubs Thoughts: Milwaukee games and Opening day

I have not posted in a few days and that is because I have been going to many Cubs games and Easter Day falling in there. I went to Milwaukee this weekend to see the games on Friday and Saturday night and got to see the Cubs win both games. I have never been to Miller Park with the roof closed and I must say it is nice and warm in there when it is. Another tip is if you ever go there and stay in a hotel take a Cab to stadium, the longest time ever to park a car there.
Getting back to the games, it was nice to see that Zambrano looked sharp and so did Rich Hill. The hitting looked good overall and the defense wasn't too bad. The 3rd game, I watched at my folks house and it wasn't as nice. Wade Miller looked less then sharp and has had his next start pushed back to April 18 and if he doesn't do good there I don't think we will see much of him as a starter anymore (which isn't a bad thing).
Yesterday I went to opening day (20th time in 22 years)with my old pal Tracy Legel and got to watch the Cubs lose the game in the 8th inning. My biggest complaint is why do you make a double switch and then not leave Wuertz to pitch the 8th inning? When I saw the double switch take place I was sure Wuertz was in the game for 2 innings, but Lou decided that he should go with Howry who has not looked sharp yet and hopefully comes around. Then with a 3-2 count lets Adam Everett hit a 2-run homer, a guy who has a career slugging percentage of .363. Besides that decision the Cubs had plenty of opportunities to score runs, but couldn't get the clutch hit(s) they needed. I am hoping this doesn't become a theme again this season as it got very tiring to watch last year.
As I write this article, the Cubs are losing 3-0 to the Astros.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Cubs starting off slow

The Cubs have lost their first series of the year to the Reds 2-1 after losing today 5-2. The Cubs who were hot as can be hitting in spring are cold as the weather has been here in Chicago the last few days. The one thing I have learned from these last few games is that Carlos Zambrano should NEVER start game 1. He can be there ace, but it seems on opening day that he gets too excited and just overthrows the balls. Ted Lilly looked real good yesterday and Marquis wasn't bad himself today and deserved a win today, but Soriano got picked off 2nd and the pen wasn't good today. Also not sure why Cliff Floyd didn't get to bat against Stanton today, I know a lefty vs lefty situation not ideal, but as big a fan as I am of Cedeno, I still wouldn't have had him ph for Floyd.

This weekend they play the Brewers and I am actually going to the games on Friday and Saturday, it should be fun and I will be cheering on as loud as I can.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Last Chance to enter Bobblehead contest (free)

Can you guess how many wins the Cubs will have this year?

I am going to have a competition and it is free to enter. The only people not able to win are anonymous posts, if you don't want to sign up to blogger that is fine, just send it in via email and put in header "Cub's Win Competition".

From now until the first pitch of opening season, I want people to send me how many games they think the Cubs will win. I will have 5 tie breakers in this order.

How many wins for Zambrano?
How many hr's for Soriano?
How many plate appearances for Cliff Floyd?
Who will lead the team in saves?
How many stolen bases will Cubs have as team?

Now for the big question, what is the prize?

It will be a Derek Lee boblehead doll.

So go ahead and get your guesses in. DEADLINE is 1st pitch Cub's opening day!!!!

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