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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Have to love Power

The title of this article is due to the fact I had no power for a few days and my parents didn't have power even a few more days than I went without. Now that the power is restored and my life is back in order I am online to write about the beloved Cubbies.

The Cubs are still in first place after struggling in Arizona only because the Brewers and Cardinals also struggled in there respective series. This upcoming series is VERY important to the Cubs because it is verse the 2nd place Brewers. If the Cubs don't come out and play hard and consider this a playoff series, they might as well just pack it in for the season. With Soriano coming back tonight the team is getting the boost it should need for the final 5 weeks of season to hold off the other teams. The Cubs need to win 2 of 3 if not get a sweep here, I know I said this before (Cinci series) and they failed, but they really need to now.

Since my last post the Cubs also acquired Craig Monroe from the Tigers for the infamous PTBNL. I know C-MO has not been any good verse righties this season, but this is still a decent pickup for the Cubs. As for the moment his bat is more valuable off the bench than Jake Fox. Now when will the Cubs figure out what to do with Felix Pie. It is too late to send him back to Iowa as he has sat the whole month of August, but if they don't start playing him soon, they are not only going to hurt his future development, but most likely bring down his trade value as other teams will wonder what his flaw is for not being in lineup of Jones (who has been EXCELLENT in August).

After this 3 game series the Cubs then face the Astros who just fired their GM and manager. Going 4-2 in those 6 games would do a lot in getting breathing room from at least one of the 2 teams on the Cubs butt and also bring some confidence back to the team. The one good thing about the Astros series is that it is in Chicago and not Houston (where for some reason during my lifetime, the Cubs have had a hard time winning there).

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Big Series

This is a big series for the Cubs because they need to sweep the Reds. I know that in the past when they play the Reds it usually is a close series, but this Reds team is 17 games under .500 and it should be what is needed to wake the Cubs up. The Cubs are running out of time to keep going into these funks where they win 1 and then lose 2 and it goes on for 10 games or so. Only 4 games behind the Cubs now are the hated Cardinals who come into town this weekend for a 3 game series.
This series against the Reds has the Cubs throwing Zambrano, Lilly, and Marquis verse Harang, Dumatrait and Livingston. I think the matchups favor the Cubs in the first 2 games, but the third game will on depend on what Jason shows up on the mound. Last game Marquis threw a great game until he hit Jeff Baker in the head which then Pinella took him out right after as he was visibly shaken and that and hopefully won't have a lingering effect on him as the Cubs need Jason at his best.
Also (though I don't know for a fact) Aramis Ramirez should be back for this series and that is key as the Cubs miss the threat of his power in the lineup, especially with Soriano out.
This will also allow Murton to get out of the clean-up spot where he is not well suited and he can drop down a spot or 2.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

One to forget

Tonight's game is just one to forget. Nothing really went well for the Cubs today. On the field and on other fields, as the Astros had 1 more out to go to beat the Brewers tonight, but then gave up back to back homers to Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder to lose the game 7-4.
In the Cubs game it was tied until Mr. Carroll came up and hit a Grand Slam verse Rich Hill. Carroll not known for his homer power as he has 2 this year and both verse the Cubs, got a fast ball straight down the middle and it barely made it over the wall. After that it was just down hill as Michael Wuertz was the only Cub not to give up a run, Sean Gallagher came in and got hammered (now probably headed back down to minors) and Scott Eyre wasn't any better in his time on the mound tonight (2 bad appearances in a row). About the only good thing to come out of the night was that Felix Pie went 2-4 (though he had 2 k's).
Hopefully tomorrow Cubs starter Sean Marshall can do better, but like Hill Coors isn't probably the best place for him to excel in. He will be facing Tim Harikkala who has not pitched in the MLB in a few years, so that is a bonus for the Cubs.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

You're Welcome Mr. Hendry (2nd half needs revisited)

I wrote this article around the all star break and pointed out the Cubs needed to do 7 things.

1) Get rid of Izturis and bring up Cedeno. Done, your'e welcome Mr. Hendry.
2) Play Pie everyday or send him down, let Murton come up and start. Well Pie was down, but is back up due to injuries, but I don't think he will be up long again. Murton has come up and is hitting the cover off the ball, see what happens when he gets a consistent job. Again, you're welcome Mr. Hendry.
3) Improve in catching. Traded for Jason Kendall, who is no superstar, but is a huge improvement over Rob Bowen. Mr. Hendry you think should leave me a comment thanking me.
4) Get a reliable lefty. Well they sent down Oh-MAN and that is addition by subtraction. While I thought about getting a reliever, Mr. Hendry solved the problem by just getting rid of one. Well Mr. Hendry I owe you a thank you, Thank you.
5) 12 pitchers. Still with 12 pitchers, but that is fine as long as one of them is not Oh-MAN, though I think the Cubs would be better off with another bat and Sean Gallagher in the minors. Mr. Hendry you can still correct this.
6) Stop Walking people. Well this one still is up in the air as I haven't looked it up yet, but I think they aren't doing any better from watching the games. Come on Mr. Rothschild.
7) Luck. Well the Cubs were getting some luck going their way until some injuries. Come on Lady Luck, us Cub fans need you.

Looks like the Cubs have been following a lot of what I said and they have gained 4 games in 31 days on the 1st place Brewers and remain only .5 out of first. At this pace the Cubs should win the division by 5 games and if that happens. You're welcome Mr. Hendry.

Cubs Update

Sorry for the lack up updates since daughter's birthday, but unfortunately for me I caught the flu and this is the first day I have been well.
The Cubs started slumping as soon as I said congrats and I was starting to get convinced that they were getting good, but the good news is so were the Brewers. Now the Cubs hit Colorado and have started winning again and hopefully can keep it going. Though it will be tougher with the losing Soriano for up to 6 weeks (but gives Murton a shot to prove he belongs in lineup) and Ramirez wrist hurting.
Something that irked me today from the Chicago Tribune. Did anyone see the picture of Jacque Jones getting caught in rundown in paper? Why would they put that in the paper when A) the Cubs won, B)many other pictures to put, C) Jacque went 4-5 at the plate. Over the last couple of weeks Jacque Jones has been hitting the ball pretty well and getting on base, so why put a picture of him failing at something? I didn't and still don't like that signing, but the Tribune can't be putting pictures like that up when he is doing so well. Maybe they just want to remind us fans the otherside of Jacque Jones.
I have seen the Cubs put in a waiver request for Scott Posednik of the White Sox, well first the Sox won't be dumping him to the Cubs. Secondly this is only a good idea if you plan to use him off the bench, Scott is not a starter and I think over the last year and a half has proven that he isn't a too good as a starter. If the Cubs could get him for a mid-level prospect and plan for him to come off bench instead of rookie Eric Patterson then this is definitely an upgrade for the season (as Eric needs more time in minors) and then when Ward comes off DL, they can also send Pie back down to get more PA's in.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

First place Cubs

Wow, in late May, who would have thought the Cubs would be tied for first place this time of season? I for one was not a believer, but little by little the Cubs have started making me believe they can win the division. Ok, I understand it is a pretty weak division this year, but that is not the Cubs fault. This team has a lot of guys doing the little things to win games and for the most part the pitching has been pretty good, minus a few here or there (Marquis, Erye and a lot of times Ohman). The Cubs will be sending down Rocky Cherry (I assume) on Friday and bringing back Kerry Wood. This can only help the team as I said before, and I will also state again I don't think Kerry Wood will be a great pitcher, but if he can be adequate then I think just his presence will help give the Cubs a boost in the clubhouse. He is a well liked guy (from what I have read) in the clubhouse and that extra boost might be what the Cubs need to get past the Brewers and stave off the Cardinals late run (assuming they have one).
I don't like the fact the Cubs didn't go get another bat to PH for them with Daryle Ward out and the bench full of young guys. I understand it has been working so far, but I think in September and October (if the Cubs can get there) the experience of a veteran will prove more beneficial than having either Pagan, Cedeno or Fontenot coming off the bench.

Just Because

Early birthday for my daughter, thought these pictures were cute.

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