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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Welcome Gregg and goodbye Wood

Today the Cubs traded for relief pitcher Kevin Gregg from the Florida Marlins. In return the Cubs gave them Jose Ceda. Ceda has the talent to be an effective reliever in the near future, but the Cubs were looking for a pitcher to take the place of Bob Howry (who wasn't too effective last year) and Kerry Wood who now looks like he isn't going to be back. Kevin Gregg is a pitcher who was a closer for the Marlins, but really isn't much more than a 7th inning reliever. He unfortunately has too many meltdowns to be effective.
I would say this would be a step up for the Cubs if I knew that they would sign Kerry wood or Francisco Rodriguez from LAA, but neither will be happening while Mr. Zell still owns the Cubs. In other news I don't think that the Cubs will get Jake Peavy with what names I have heard mentioned, but it would be a step up over Ryan Dempster who is also looking like he is leaving.

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