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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cubs' Update

The Cubs are off to a decent start this year compared to last season, but they still have a long way to go. There are a bunch of fundamental mistakes being committed by the team and a bunch of people's heads not being in the games at the right times early. I am hoping that this will pass soon, but these are major league players and it feels like I am saying this about the Cubs every year.

Last night Alfonzo Soriano hurt himself doing his stupid hop, which in the past I have questioned. The Cub's have no one to blame but themselves for this injury as there is no reason for them to continously let him hope without them correcting it. In the past Soriano has said it helped him concentrate on the ball to the glove better, but if a 130 million dollar man has to do that to keep concentration on the ball, well he probably isn't worth 13 million let alone 130 million. This would be a great time to call up Matt Murton, but for some reason I hear the Cubs are going with Eric Patterson. This is stupid and hurts the Cub's. Murton's numbers as a MLB are about the same as Alfonzo's since he joined the Cubs. I don't know why the team doesn't like him, but if they aren't going to bring him up they might as well trade him soon so he doesn't just rot in minors. He has talent and is a good hitter who minus a one month stretch for Dusty has been pretty reliable.

In other news Rich Hill will get another chance to prove he is worthy of being a starter, but I have a feeling if he doesn't perform well, it will be a long time before we see him starting for the Cubs. Though the Cubs should be more worried about Ted Lilly because not only is he getting hit, but his velocity is down and he hasn't been able to get through five innings.

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