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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Congratulations Dr. Abcarian

My sister Ariane just graduated from EVMS. Congratulations Dr. Ariane Abcarian.


Sorry it has been so long since I have written. I have been trying to watch the Cubs and decide what I think of this team. At times I think that they look like contenders and could be a real threat, then they go and lose easy fly balls that cost games verses teams like the Pirates. So what I have decided is that they are just mediocre. Unless they make some changes they won't really improve much either. One of those is improving the CF position. I think that without a major trade, the Cubs should put Fukudome in CF and bring Matt Murton up to play RF. Heck Murton is only batting around .350 in the minors and Fukudome has shown that he is fundamentally sound and has the range and smarts to play CF. This then would let Cub fans be out of the misery that is Jim Edmonds in CF. I wouldn't mind him on the team if he was good, but since he sucks now, isn't going to get much better and is a hated Cardinal player, it is just time to release him.
Also the Cub's need to acquire another starter that is consistently good. Ryan Dempster has exceeded all my expectations this season and until he reverts back to old form over and extended period of time, I am not going to use the nickname I have been using for him. Along with Ryan the Cubs have Carlos Zambrano (who is looking better this year) and Ted Lilly (been very below par this year) as their top 3 (in no order). Sean Gallagher has shown ability and if he puts in a few more performances half as good as today's, he will have a believer in me as at least a 5th starter, but what about the 4th? Jon Lieber has sucked when he started and Jason Marquis is too inconsistent and been too awful in the second half of the season throughout his career to depend on him. Who should they get? I am not sure, maybe Greg Maddux back as my dad suggested, but I do know they need someone.
I promise to write more soon.

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