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Monday, October 15, 2007


Well the Cubs didn't show up at all for the post season. The players nor the coaches did their jobs right and the Cubs got swept easily by the Diamondbacks. I could go on about what made them lose and what they did wrong, but that has already been done and well, they did nothing right.
I am not going to be sad to see the end of the Jason Kendall era and hopefully the Cliff Floyd era ends also.
In upcoming articles I will be writing on what the Cubs need to do to improve the team and their chances in moving further into the playoffs. Unfortunately they can't clone Dusty Baker a few more times and give one to all the other teams in the NL Central (thanks Cincinnati).
In other news, I just want to say I am personally cheering for the Rockies for the only reasons 1) Otto is from there, 2) Mr. Francis.

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