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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sorry for being gone

Dell has had my computer for 2 months and still has it, but tonight I am writing from wife's laptop.

Since I have been gone Cubs got rid of DeRosa, Hill, Pie all for nothing which I still can't understand. I also don't understand trading Cedeno for Heilman, but at least they got something for him. A good thing is that Jason Marquis is off the team. Nothing against him as a person, but he wasn't very good for the Cubs.

I am happy about the signing of Milton Bradley and truly hope that Lou can keep Bradley under control. I also know that getting about 120-130 games a season is the most too expect, butif he can do that and hit like he does it will be a major improvement in the Cubs lineup. I also understand why the Cubs wanted another switch hitter, but paying Miles that salary and dumping DeRosa for nothing just wasn't a good trade off.

What the Cubs were thinking with Pie, I don't know. If they weren't sold on him last year, then trade him then, not after the season when teams know you have no option to dump him, waive him or sit him on bench all year, none of which were good options.

More later....

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