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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cubs News

Well a couple days ago the Cubs signed Xavier Nady to a one year deal. It is not a bad signing as he is a right-handed bat that hits lefties well so Fukodome doesn't have to do it and he can let Derek Lee have a day off here and there in the hot summer months. I know he is coming off his second Tommy John surgery, but I think he can hold up for one year especially since he isn't a pitcher. A guy I was hoping to get was Jonny Gomes, though I know his defense isn't too good.

I think the next free agent the Cubs should focus on is Orlando Hudson and see if they can get him for a 1/6 million dollar deal. There isn't a big market for 2b's right now and it looks like the Nationals are only offering 3 million dollars. This would be an upgrade at 2b, making Baker and Fontenot backups which is a better spot for them on a team if the Cubs want to be contenders.

The Cubs also signed Chad Tracy to a minor league deal with an invite to spring training. Chad hasn't really been useful in a few seasons and I don't see him sticking to with the final roster.
A pitcher I hope the Cubs really watch this spring is NRI Thomas Diamond. He is best known for being part of the Rangers top pitching prospects DVD (John Danks, Edinson Volquez, Thomas Diamond) a few years ago. Diamond's career got sidetracked in 2007 he had to have Tommy John surgery and since he has been back has had a harder time finding the plate. This winter he looked good in the DWL, but that doesn't really mean he will do well in MLB. I just think that he is only 26 and was once a top prospect, so it can't hurt to give him a serious look in spring.

Congratulations to Andre Dawson for making the Hall of Fame and it was nice to see he wanted to wear the Cubs hat, but I do think the Hall of Fame made the right decision in saying the Expos are the team he was on in his prime. He may have gotten more publicity in Chicago, but he played his first 10 years in Montreal. I just wonder where are they going to find an Expos hat?

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