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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Cubs sign Jacque Jones

The Cubs have signed Jacque Jones to a 3 year deal worth 16 million dollars. Well now the Cubs have a RF. The problem they have a worse RF then they had last season in Burnitz and have him for 3 years. Hendry should be fired for this stupid signing. Was this done because he lost out on trading for Milton Bradley? He couldn't deal for Kevin Mench?

Jones has k'ed 100 times in 5 of 6 seasons, batted .249/.319/.438 with 120 k's last season while barely batting .200 vs. lefties. In 2002 Jacque showed tremendous potential with 27 hrs and a line of .300/.341/.511 and the future looked bright. In 2003 his numbers declined to 16 hrs and a line of .304/.334/.464, and then in 2004 he hit 24 hrs, but had an awful line of .254/.315/.427. This season Jones k’ed 100 times in 5 of 6 seasons, batted .249/.319/.438 with 120 k's and barely batting .200 vs. lefties. The numbers for 2005 where almost identical to Burnitz (whose numbers were actually better). Wouldn't it been better planning to just sign Burnitz to a 1 year deal again? Now instead of 1 year of mediocrity in RF, the Cubs will have 3.

I guess this now evens out the releasing of Jose Macias, though now if I had a choice I would take Macias back if it would eliminate this awful contract.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Early Christmas Present

Well the title is because today the when the Cubs signed John Mabry, it was revealed that Jose Macias was designated for assignment when Mr. Howry was signed to a contract. Cub fans all around should have a few drinks for that this weekend and if you don't drink do what ever it is that puts a big grin on your face.

Back to Mabry, this is old news, and hopefully the Cubs get a RF before Baker gets any ideas, but this is an upgrade, especially now that Macias is gone.

Time for Bed, but when I saw that I had to write a quick article.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Cubs acquire Pierre

The Cubs acquired Pierre today who will be an upgrade over Corey Patterson, but I don't think it will be worth the price we paid. Hendry is reaching trying to save his behind, now that he lost the Furcal sweepstakes and thought he needed to make a splash. He might have been right on making a splash, but this was not the way to make it. I know in the past I said I wanted Pierre on the team and I haven't changed my mind, but not at this price. I think giving up Mitre and Pinto should have been enough, but then we included Ricky Nolasco also. I am not saying Nolasco will turn out to be a great pitcher, but I think we traded way too much for a 1 year replacement in CF if the Cubs think Pie is going to be ready in 2007.

The only reason I can see trading these guys is if Hendry needed to clear a few spots on the 40 man roster for another trade today or another FA signing. I am just assuming this and have no information to lead me to believe this is true or false, just trying to rationalize Hendry's moves.

I was hoping and still am the Cubs can package something together and still come up with Kevin Mench or even Austin Kearns in RF, but with this trade it looks like the Cubs have used a lot of their pitching prospects, which both the Reds and Rangers need.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Cubs Ramblings: Trade front, FA front, thoughts on Furcal

The other night I was talking with my friend and we were mentioning how the Cubs need another utility guy that actually can play. I brought up the name Ryan Freel (as I have him on a few fantasy teams), but really had not thought much about it. Today at The Cub Reporter there is an article by Arizona Phil who mentions the same thing with much more thought. After reading his article the more I think a trade with the Reds is the right way to go. I think that acquiring Freel would help out in CF if we don't get Pierre or if we do be a super-sub/2b for us. Also depending on the price this might open up talks for the Cubs to acquire Austin Kearns. I know in the past he has been injury prone and hasn't gotten off the greatest career start, but I think a change of scenery is what he needs and maybe Chicago is the place for him to be.

My thoughts on not getting Furcal go like this: first I was a little disappointed and then after those 5 minutes passed I was very happy that the Cubs did not cave in and try to beat that contract. I think the contract that the Cubs offered was a bit much, let alone the price the Dodgers got him at. The player the Cubs should try to trade for (if they don't have confidence in Cedeno at SS) is Julio Lugo from Tampa. I think he would be a nice fit at SS for the Cubs and gives them some speed to the lineup and for a SS Lugo has a little bit of pop in his bat.

John Mabry situation hasn't been finalized and the reason I think is the Cubs are waiting until after Rule 5 draft and also waiting until after the 7th to not lose a pick (if they lose one for signing him not sure). I can say this, that though Mabry is an upgrade over the Cubs bench last year, he has had as many off seasons as he has had average and only about 1 above average season. So while I said he is an upgrade, by no means is he a cure for the bench woes, especially if you have Perez, Blanco, and Macias coming off that bench.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Trade Announcement

The Cubs traded Jermaine Van Buren today to the Boston Red Sox for a PTBNL. This trade was made because the Cubs need to clear a few spots off the 40 man roster because of the signings and the anticipated future signings of the Cubs. I don't know if I agree with dumping Jermaine when Wellemeyer probably could have been dumped for a PTBNL. I am hoping the Cubs get a semi-decent prospect for Van Buren, though I know he hasn't done much in his career yet, he shows promise and if there is an injury in the pen in 06 he might have come in very handy.

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